Thursday, May 3, 2012

Thing 8: is similar to pinterest and evernote, a place to pin information that you want to go back to later.  It frees up your favorites on your computer, and is a cloud, so it's accessible on any computer you sign in on.  So is pinterest, and evernote has a web sign in as well as an app.  I have used it before, but it never really hooked me, so I just sort of forgot about it...until today!  I could see it being valuable for a student doing research with free websites, or a teacher wanting to create something for students to go to.  You can link it to a website for viewing by students, and they could go through the links...maybe for a lesson on website evaluation for high schoolers?  I did like Steven's page, that was linked in the directions, and could see how a librarian might use the to keep information ideas together, but in this day and age sometimes it is overwhelming the abundance of ways to make things "easier," so you need to pick just one and stick with it.  For me, that's pinterest and evernote.  Oh, I did find a cool Delicious page called, "Books Born as Blogs, & Kindred Beasts" that was pretty cool.  It also lead to the oatmeal, and I love that site!