Friday, February 10, 2012

Thing 7: Facebook and Social Networking

I have had a Facebook page since I was a college student (back then it was only for college students), and I recently started a facebook page for the PHS library, and I also have a group I started  for fellow librarians that I went to school with at UHCL, so you can see I'm a facebooker.  I started our library facebook page in order to further get out information about upcoming events and successes.  I was really excited to see that we are at 48 likes, already!  I was able to post about our upcoming Name That Book, as well as Teen Book Con.  It is just another was to disseminate information to the students of Pasadena High School.  A library should be a cool, fun place to go to get information and if you aren't involved in social networking then you aren't relevant to your students, as least that's how I feel.  I also found the Harris County Public Library page and "liked" it so that I could know what is going on in a public library that many of our students go to.  It is just a way to link myself to my community and get outside of my cocoon.  As well as facebook, I can also say that I am addicted to Pinterest!  I just love it.  I've been using an app called Evernote for a while now, you can create notebooks/notes from websites, pictures, or voice, and it works on my iphone and mac.  It is like a cloud, so anything I put on one shows up on both.  Pinterest is like this, but you basically create bulletin boards.  I love being able to visually see what I pinned and then being able to go back to the source and read it later on.  I've also created my own pins, which is really easy.  Can you tell I'm in heaven when it comes to these kinds of things?  Next on my list, to concure Twitter...I haven't started on that one, yet...

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Things 5 & 6: RSS Feeds

I love my Google Reader!  I've had it for a few years, and it makes life so simple; I can just pull it up and see all the blogs and sites that I often travel to in one convenient place.  As well, it is easy to post to Facebook or other social medias from there, or can even Pin!  I have used and explored sites like Technorati, but I prefer my reader.  I feel like all I'm doing on Technorati is searching, and that annoys me.  I did click on the link to share my public reader URL, but there were no instructions and after some searching I failed to find anything, can subscribe to my blog!  I have an RSS icon on the left, just scroll down until you see it!  It always amazes me the little things people come up with to make our lives easier, of course getting that little icon onto your website or blog can prove more difficult, lol.  As for what I subscribed to on my reader, my friend's blogs, photography blogs, library blogs, and of course People (because I need a little trash in my life).  I'm definitely a fan, thanks!