Saturday, February 6, 2010

Thing Twelve: To Comment or Not to Comment...that is the question!

Hello fellow LIbrary2Play-ers, and others who might be reading this blog. Today we are inspecting the ideas of commenting on other's blogs, and what to do with your comments section. After reading the many articles on correct blog commenting techniques, two drew my attention specifically. The first, how hard is it to leave a comment? I would agree with Darren Rowse on his tenth tip, Make is Easy to Comment. I know that I often don't leave a comment if it is too difficult to get that comment up on the blog. I prefer the ones that use other sites log in information, or OpenID, over having to create a profile in order to comment. I use a blog through SBISD that allows anyone to comment by typing in the name they want to appear as and their email address. I specifically chose to go with the one through the school district because it was so easy for all of my students to comment. The second thing I found important was the discussion of keeping up with your comments section. I agree with this; do I think it is feasible to comment back to every single person, no, not always, but I do think you should pick and choose good comments and return a comment to keep the discussion going. If readers feel that you never look at their comments, then why would they continue commenting, they might even stop reading your blog all-together. Okay, I'm off to find something meaningful to say to five other Library2Play bloggers and two others that I find out on the world wide web. I'll be back to let you know what I find. Signing off....


  1. Why post blogs if we do not expect people to read them? I agree that we should keep up with the comments made on our blog. When I log on, the first thing I check is my comments section. It is almost like anticipating a phone call, text, or email. It is a connection with someone else who has interests in common with me. I am enjoying reading your blog. It is beautiful and ever-changing. You are obviously skilled in using technology. I feel inspired by the risks you take on your blog with widgets,etc. I am beginning to take more risks as I see your examples. You go girl!

  2. comments that create discussion are important, but I still think "great job"-type comments are fine, especially between bloggers who know each other beyond the blog itself. I like to see encouragement between the L2P players!

  3. I love your posts and your conversational tone. I think it encourages comments and makes the blog enjoyable to read!!