Monday, February 1, 2010

Thing Eleven: Shelfari vs. LibraryThing...the showdown

It is funny that this "thing" happened to fall at this time because I just recently had a conversation with another teacher who uses Shelfari with her students. I have recently opened up a blog discussion with my students regarding their thoughts on taking our current reading log and moving it online. My thought is that it would create more discussion amongst all of my classes, and allow for a more authentic audience. Currently I am the only person, besides the student, that reads their reading responses. With this new format it would allow for everyone to read their writing as well as comment to each other. My students seem really excited about the idea, as am I! So, it couldn't have come at a better time that I was introduced to LibraryThing as one of my 23 things. After perusing the site, checking out all of the resources, and setting up an account, I must say that I, unfortunately, find Shelfari to be more user friendly, and visually appealing. I think it is easier to search Shelfari vs. LibraryThing. In LIbraryThing once I added a book I had to search again to get the next book in the series. That became frustrating. Overall either of these two sites would work for creating an authentic, online community where your students could discuss books together. Let me know your thoughts on the matter, do you use Shelfari, if yes, how do these two sites compare to you?


  1. one of the nice things about the 2.0 world...freedom of choice! Use what fits one's needs best.

  2. Ok, so I LOVE Shelfari!!! Thanks for the recommendation on that. Also, your new blog template is really adorable and totally fits your blog title, "Farmer Daughter." :-)

  3. I am loving Shelfari now! I definitely ate lunch in my room today updating my self.