Friday, January 29, 2010

Thing Ten: Image this is fun!

Thing Ten was just plain old fun. Someone I once knew decided that if you added "plain old fun" to anything it just made it sound more fun! I concur! This was time consuming fun; I could have spent my entire day doing this, but figured it was important to take breaks in order to teach my kiddos something, lol, kidding. Today we had library day, hero's journey presentations, and I read to them; it was an all around fun day, but I regress...back on the trail people! I could see this would be fun to show the kids; who knows, we might just have a whole day of image generators. I know we could use it to have kids create movie posters for books they are reading, or for a book talk they might create a magazine cover. I could also use it as a "Get to Know You" activity at the beginning of the year. We could do all kinds of things! I mainly used Big Huge Labs, but the other ones had fun stuff too. I've used Wordle in the past, but it seems like they have changed it slightly since I used it. You can print it, but I couldn't find anything that would allow you to save your image to your computer. The way we found that this might be interesting is to have kids paste their paper into Wordle and see which word(s) are the largest since those are the most used words. It would be a modern revision process for knowing which words you might want to look at replacing. The other sites were very similar to Big Huge Labs, except for Glogster which I did not register to use. I hope everyone else had as much fun as I did. I have attached the three things that I made, and liked, to this post. I guess I should check the instructions to make sure that I answer any questions they have given us. If I missed anything...I vill be back! Off on an adventure...check ya later, signing off!

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  1. please remind me what you used to make the candid shot strip...thanks!