Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Thing Seven: I'll just google it...

For this one I went to a well used application. I'm definitely a google user and have used the calendar, google documents, and recently discovered the scholar search. For the calendar you could use it for you class assignments, or within a teaching team to keep track of things in one place where everyone has the right to add to the calendar. Personally I used it for a social calendar in an organization I was a volunteer in. Each age range had their own social calendar and were able to add them so that the social director had knowledge of what was going on. You could do the same thing with a planning platform at school. The documents are nice because he have access to them anywhere you can get internet. This might be useable for students to put their documents, share them, and have access to them both at home and school, easily. The scholar search was very handy for a grad student that might need to search quickly for an article over a specific subject. You could use this with your students to search different topics and see what comes up. You also might use it in the high school setting to find an article, read it, and write as summative response. This would be good practice for college life, and that might be great with the new standards to make students college ready. Okay, off to find something new on this journey...signing off!

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