Saturday, January 23, 2010

Thing Five: Flickr

I traveled to Flickr today; I have used it before at school as well as shown many students searching for images on google where they can go to use pictures legally (as long as they give credit). I'm very familiar with it, and it is good for some things, but sometimes as you are searching you realize that you have strayed from where you started and it takes some work getting back. Tags, they are simply keywords that make is easier to find things later. You can essentially search using tags. As for the groups, that is simply the ability to create a group that you can share with. You can make it public or private, or public by invitation only. It does require an administrator, but it makes it possible to share photos within the group. You could definitely use this within your classroom. You could create a group with your students in order to share content. Well, I think that is all for now, oh, I did do some searches within my content area and found a homeschooler that use Flickr to share her homeschool products that she has made. I thought that was pretty cool; as teachers or librarians we could create groups in order to share similar types of content with our coworkers, etc...collaboration is the key after all, right?!?! Off to see where my journey will take me...signing off!

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