Friday, January 22, 2010

Thing Three: The Avatar

Hello, so I got my avatar all ready and posted it to my blog. It was really easy to create my avatar since I already had about 12 different looks saved. I used to use yahoo a lot, but now I rarely go there. I just adjusted it, updated it, and exported it to my blog. I simply clicked on the export link from the 23 things site and copied the html text. Then I went back to the blogger site, logged in, and went to layout. I just pasted the html text and saved it. It does require careful reading of instructions in order to find and complete the export task, but all in all it did not take that much time. Let me know what you think of my avatar! Off to continue the "thing" journey...signing off!
Yahoo! Avatars


  1. Be sure that you put the Thing #XX in the title of each post along with whatever other words you want to include. Your posts for Things #1 and #2 reflect that proper format.

  2. Your Avatar suits you perfectly. Who says teachers can't follow directions? You go girl!

    Bubbly BJ

  3. Love the puppy dog in your avatar...and the bag! :-)