Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Thing Eight: R...What? This must be new?!?

Okay! Hmmm...RSS feeds...since I'm not really a reader of internet material, I prefer print text, I don't find this useful. I can see it would be nice to have instant access to new information from your favorite news sites, etc...but I just don't take the time to read that stuff. I confess...I'm a deleter of things without reading. I would think you could use this in class, especially science or social studies, to see current events, etc... If you were studying the planets, you might have a class blog with an RSS feed that your students could easily access for up to date information. As a librarian I could take advantage of this new technology by using it on my own website. I could have feeds for teachers to access, as well as feeds for myself in order to stay current in all the different curriculum areas. As for the optional part....I just went ahead and added the feeds to my blog instead of making my google reader, which I will rarely access, public. I hope you enjoy...I'll add more as I find things. Off on the next leg of my journey...signing off!

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  1. I like your idea of posting RSS feeds to your library website for the teachers. This would be a great way to draw teachers to the library webpage.