Thursday, January 28, 2010

Thing Nine: And the search continues...RSS

Okay, so I have searched through some of the links from this "thing" and I did find one blog that I was really interested in. It is called Classroom 2.0, and you have to be approved to join, but it is free and has some really great things to read about and participate in with the web 2.0 classroom. I did find an interesting blog called "The Journal" through Bloglines. It is a time consuming task for sure! Of all the search tools I found I liked Bloglines the best. No matter what you are looking for you have to either set a time limit, or have a lot of time to sit, search, and read. I didn't like google blog search, maybe because it;s Google. I'm going to think on this tonight to see if I can add anything to this blog later. Perhaps I'm just tired.

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