Monday, April 19, 2010

Thing Nineteen: Docstoc isn't just for doctors.

Hello fellow bloggers! Well, I chose to check out docstoc, part of the reason, because I wandered if it was for doctors, or documents, ha! As I investigated I realized it is for many different areas, basically any area that would have a need for documents. Within the Education portion there are some great documents that you can download for free. Unfortunately you do have to weed through a whole lot to ultimately find the ones that are useful, but it can be worth the time. Also, you can upload your documents and make them available to other educators out there in the world beyond your classroom and school. I'm interested to find out what sites caught your attention from the Awards list. Many of the items on the list I am aware of and use due to my fabulous iphone and the many aps that are available! I had to pick something I hadn't used before.

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