Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Thing Twenty-Two: Ning, it's not Bing

Hello fellow bloggers! Well, sadly I discovered that Ning will be focusing their efforts on their paying customers, and will no longer be offering it as a free service. Boo hoo...the Ning that most interested me was the Texas School Librarian Ning I especially liked watching the animated book talks that the students did with Doug Valentine. I investigated the "Crazy Talk" software that I believe he must have used to make the pictures animated and look like they are talking. I'm fascinated by this and desperately want the software for myself. In my Tuesday night class one of my classmates was talking about this and how she was side-tracked trying to figure out how he made these hand-drawn pictures animated like they are talking, and where do I find myself...doing the same thing, ha. As a teacher or librarian, you could use it to connect with other people in your profession, but unless you want to pay for it, you won't be able to make your own Ning network.


  1. I also enjoyed this particular Ning. However, I did not watch the animated book talks. Now you have me feeling very curious. I will have to check them out soon.

  2. Do check them out; they are so cool. I really want to get the software so that I can play with it, but I found out that there may not be a version for mac users. I'm still investigating it.

  3. Hi,
    I saw my name mentioned for the animated book reviews. True, Nings are going to "paid" sites but if you would like to see the reviews you can check my Glog (follow the links):
    or my Schoooltube account:

    Best of luck on your degree!
    Doug (dr. Loopy)

  4. Doug (dr. Loopy),

    Thanks for the post. I'll check into the links you posted.

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