Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Thing Sixteen: Wiki, wiki, what?!?

Hello fellow bloggers!

Here I am on Thing #16; how did I make it so almost didn't hurt at all. While I love learning, sometimes it stretches you into places that are a little uncomfortable, but you make it through and come out on the other side more knowledge! I think that is where I am with tags and RSS feeds, I think. Ha! Well, wikis I can definitely handle, while I am a person who likes the bling, and wikis don't really allow for that, I can see how this would be beneficial in the world of a librarian. I can see into my future where I use wikis to collaborate with teachers from departments, for example, the sixth grade social studies team comes to me and wants to do research on Africa, that's what they were just doing, and so I create a social studies wiki where they can post the information they have and what they need from me. We can plan the entire lesson via and wiki with minimal time meeting after school. As is often the case, an entire grade-level department does not always have the same planning period, and the wiki will allow everyone to stay up-to-date regardless of ability to meet all together! How cool is that?!?! I must say that I like the notion of the "Sandbox portion" idea of designating places to play. The two wikis that were most interesting to me were the "Teacher Librarian Wiki" and the "Book Lovers Wiki" because those are two things that I have a passion for. I hope you had as much fun as I did checking out the wikis, and let me know if you start using them in your own classroom. I'm going to have to figure out how to fit this in before the end of the year. Singing off, FarmerDaughter!

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  1. if you need to add some bling to a wiki...try adding a glogster to your wiki home page and navigate thru that vs. the more traditional list of links!